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    Every Patient is a VIP
    Best health care as you planned ...

Charles Darwin theory "survival of the fittest" aptly describes the current health care situation in India. Peace of mind is priceless when you need it desperately.

Top notch personalized health care

We provide exclusive personalized health care tailored to the individual need of our members and take full charge of their everyday health care needs.

Physicians collaborate

Our physicians will make every effort to be a tireless advocate of our patients in collaborating between local hospitals, physicians, pharmacists and diagnostic testing to ensure premier top notch VIP care .

Excellent primary and preventative health services

VIP health will provide comprehensive state of the art primary and preventive health to the families of NRI’S, professionals and business owners and help them with step by step instructions navigating though complex world of medications with great detail and attention.

Communication with patients and families

Our critical mission is to keep our member families well informed about the care of their loved ones in addition to providing quality, affordable and accountable health care.

Four free check ups every year

We ensure that our members are availing the facilities of free four checkup to every year

24 / 7 accessibility to a physician

Our VIP doctors are available 24/7 to clarify your queries and respond to your concerns.

Electronic Health record keeping

We provide all members with an online Personal Health Record, making you comfortable to access your health information.

Home care services

We arrange home care services like physio therapy, home nursing, rehab, wellness program& pharmacy.

Health Screening

We assist you in finding the right screening test for the diseases.

VIP Health idea was born out of struggle NRI’s experience when dealing with stress of family’s health in India.See More

VIP Health

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The VIP Health model was created with the hope and vision of bringing more life to more lives — both young and old — by putting impersonal healthcare practices and tactics aside, and embracing a new way of healing. VIP Health seeks to achieve this by combining the high-tech tools of today and the high-touch practices of the past to make patients and doctors happier and healthier.

VIP Health: We know your health is very important!

Many of us have experienced difficulty with physicians, hospitals when our loved ones are sick. Here is a one roof to get a right medical assistance.
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Begins With You

In addition to our members, our affiliated VIP Health doctors experience a more fulfilled life that permeates every aspect of their life and medical practice. By becoming an VIP Health-affiliated doctor, you are able to rekindle your passion for medicine and continue to provide unsurpassed care to your patients.

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Creating a Healthier Workforce

VIP HEALTH affords members to corporate health and wellness program is shown to improve and maintain the wellness of members. Whether you offer VIP Health memberships as an employee healthcare benefit that is completely covered, employees can choose to keep their current doctor and still take advantage of having an VIP Health-affiliated physician for their annual wellness services.

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Changing the World Together

We want to stand side-by-side with others who believe in doing more than just treating symptoms by providing personalized, preventive care that covers a broad spectrum of a patient’s life. Our program allows physicians to spend more time with their patients and guide them in areas such as nutrition, fitness, emotional well-being and more, leveraging advanced diagnostic tools along the way.

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