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Charles Darwin theory ” survival of the fittest” aptly describes the current health care situation in India. Peace of mind is priceless when you need it desperately. We firmly believe in “Aarogyame Maha Bagyam”. In any society VIP’s get the best health care as they plan well and are well. Thats exactly what you will get here at VIP Health where every patient is a VIP. We provide top notch personalized health care to our members. Our physicians are collaborated with many local hospitals, physicians, pharmacists, diagnostic labs to provide a care that only VIP’s get.

VIP Health idea was born out of the struggle of an NRI’s experience when dealing with stress of family’s health in India, and enter into the world of medication to provide better primary and preventative health to families of NRI’s, professionals and business owners.

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VIP health care believe in the value of prevention as we believe “PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE”, but most of the people put their lifes in risk by neglecting their health, as revealed by the first VIP Health Survey. VIP commissioned the research to understand better perceptions and concerns related to their current health, and how primary care experiences are influencing their overall well-being.


As an VIP member, your health begins with your first visit to an VIP-affiliated doctor. Together, you will proactively focus on preventive care — such as evaluations, advanced diagnostics and individual consultations with your doctor — in order to maintain good health and lead healthy life.

Scheduling That Fits You.

We strive to provide our members with more than just healthcare. We go beyond the traditional primary care practice Unlike traditional practice, we ensure each VIP-affiliated doctor cares for lesser number of patients so that you receive more time and attention you deserve .we ensure that our members get exclusive personalized counseling and comprehensive diagnostic testing. we also assist you in providing appointments conveniently to the benefits of our travel advantage program ,medical centers of excellence program and online access to your Personal Health Record.