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Our wellness program will help and treat you as VIP.

Top notch personalized health care

We provide exclusive personalized health care to our members, assisting them in getting right medication.

Physicians collaborate

As our physicians are collaborated with local hospitals,physicians,pharmacists, diagnostic labs to provide an intensive care as VIP’S get.

Better primary and preventative health

VIP health was introduced to the world of medication to give the best primary and preventive health to the NRI’S, Professionals and Business Owners.

Communication with patients and families

We guide our patients and their families through proper communication skills to ensure that they are getting proper medications and right suggestions.

Four free check ups every year

We ensure that our members are availing the facilities of free four checkup to every year.

24 /7 accessibility to a physician

Our doctors are available 24/7 to quickly answer your questions or respond to your concerns.


Many of us have experienced difficulty with physicians, hospitals when our loved ones are sick. Here is a one roof to get a right medical assistance.

Begins With You

In addition to our members, our affiliated VIP Health doctors experience a more fulfilled life that permeates every aspect of their life and medical practice. By becoming an VIP Health-affiliated doctor, you are able to rekindle your passion for medicine and continue to provide unsurpassed care to your patients.

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Creating a Healthier Workforce

VIP HEALTH affords members to corporate health and wellness program is shown to improve and maintain the wellness of members. Whether you offer VIP Health memberships as an employee healthcare benefit that is completely covered, employees can choose to keep their current doctor and still take advantage of having an VIP Health-affiliated physician for their annual wellness services.

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Changing the World Together

We want to stand side-by-side with others who believe in doing more than just treating symptoms by providing personalized, preventive care that covers a broad spectrum of a patient’s life. Our program allows physicians to spend more time with their patients and guide them in areas such as nutrition, fitness, emotional well-being and more, leveraging advanced diagnostic tools along the way.

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You May contact us for any of the services

  • Personalized VIP care
  • Close communication with patients and families
  • Coordinating care with specialists
  • Four free check ups every year
  • Support for Custom Fonts
  • 24 /7 accessibility to a physician
  • Electronic health record keeping
  • Arrange home care services like physical therapy, home nursing, rehab, wellness programs, pharmacy
  • Home visits
  • Screening for breast, colorectal, prostate cancers etc.
  • Medical Lab testing.
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