What does annual membership fee provide?
All our members will receive comprehensive preventive care services that would include four primary care physical checkup visits per year with an routine lab tests.

Our members will receive monthly phone calls by our doctors to review their medical conditions, needs and medications.

Our members also get the benefit of other having all other office visits covered under their membership on an as needed basis.

During the time of hospitalization for elective or unforeseen events our premier physicians will continue to coordinate the care of our member patients throughout their hospital stay.

All our member families will have the benefit of directly reaching out to their physician when in need and have complete peace of mind during times of utmost importance. This stellar physician service is a unique membership benefit of VIP health.
Do you deliver medications to our home?
Yes, we will make every effort for timely home delivery of medications and will provide follow up home calls to discuss instructions for medication usage and encourage compliance.
Can I check my lab test results online?
Yes, we are in the process of rolling out an electronic medical record database for easy access to lab results and other tests. Until then we would be able to securely email your results to you. Members can also receive their results at the time of office visits. We make every effort to maintain patient confidentiality.
Can I choose the hospital if admission to a hospital is necessary?
In order to provide timely and efficient care for our member patients we will encourage them to seek care at recommended hospital facilities that have been thoroughly screened and selected based on their state of the art quality service capabilities, ability to provide compassionate care and whose values are in line with the vested interest of our patients and their families. We do make exceptions for emergency admissions at other hospitals and will remain flexible for care coordination under those circumstances until transfer to our preferred facility occurs.
How can I reach the VIP physician caring for my parents?
Our member families will have the convenience of reaching the VIP physician either via email or at their cell phone. Irrespective of the mode of communication used, our physicians will make every effort to explain and answer all your questions in a timely manner.
Do you arrange an ambulance?
Yes, we do offer ambulance services to our members in partnership with our member hospitals. We will arrange for an ambulance in short notice for a fee.
Tell me about obtaining second opinion from a specialist in US?
In case of any medical condition, diagnosis or treatments offered to our members by other specialist doctors, our members will have access to specialist doctors in the USA for obtaining a second opinion and confirmation regarding their condition and treament.

This is a unique feature of our plan and we take pride in offering this service to our patients for a reasonable fee.

With this feature, our members can be assured that they are following only the necessary treatements and procedures.
What are the qualifications of your doctors?
All of our VIP health doctors have speciality based training background at some of the best medical facilities and universities in the United States. Please click on the following link for a detailed description of their credentials.
Our Team
What does preventive care mean and why is it important to have preventive care checkups?
Preventive care includes things such as regular check-ups, screenings and immunizations. This type of care will help you catch health problems before they become serious. Having a preventive visit allows your physician to evaluate your health and make sure you get the right screenings for your age, gender and family history. This visit can help you stay healthy and may help you identify health concerns before they become a long term condition.
What's the difference between a preventive visit and an office visit?
Preventive visits, sometimes called a routine check-up, are different than an office visit scheduled to discuss a specific medical problem. You will see your VIP doctor for a preventive visit when you feel healthy. It may include care like an exam, checking your blood pressure, or getting recommended vaccines. Office visits generally include checking on symptoms to treat a specific medical condition or problem.
Do you provide diabetes, hypertension and cardiac care?
Yes, we do provide comprehensive diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular care. Our physicians have extensive background experience in managing complicated cases and will provide the best possible care not only by managing medications but also by setting targets and promoting healthy life style goals to all our patients.